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PDP begins accepting nominations to fill vacant mayor’s seat in Trujillo Alto

From today until Friday, the Popular Democratic Party will accept nominations to fill the recently vacated mayoral seat in Trujillo Alto.

By The Star Staff

Starting today and until Friday, the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) will accept nominations to fill the recently vacated Trujillo Alto mayoral seat.

José Luis Cruz Cruz resigned as mayor last Thursday but did not provide specific reasons for his resignation. However, he virtually hid from the public eye in March amid reports that he was under investigation on corruption charges.

Telenoticias reported that Cruz was slated to plead guilty to federal charges related to corruption.

PDP Secretary General Ramón Luis Cruz Lugo made the announcement over the weekend that a replacement would be selected for Trujillo Alto mayor. The PDP is also preparing to replace its governing board.

Already, Gabriel Pérez Pérez, a member of the municipal assembly, has said he is interested in occupying the vacant seat.

“My people in Trujillo Alto are dismayed by the terrible acts of corruption that have led to the resignation of the mayor and the arrest in December of one of his aides. Trujillo Alto needs new municipal leadership that does not have ties with the resigning mayor,” Pérez said in a statement. “I announce to the people of Trujillo Alto my availability to run for mayor, and thus offer the people of Trujillo Alto an honest and transparent government.”

On Sunday, former island senator Pedro Rodríguez González announced that he also would seek to replace Cruz as mayor. He said that at this time he will focus on restoring the people’s faith in their public institutions. He also said he will create a municipally run public school and focus on fighting crime.

An aide to Cruz was arrested last December. When that happened, Pérez led a resolution to investigate the municipality’s garbage and asphalt service purchases. Both matters were factors in the corruption scheme that eventually cost Cruz the mayor’s office. Pérez has been critical of Cruz for his inaction toward the resolution he filed.

“The people demand transparency and honesty,” declared Pérez, who was elected to the municipal assembly in 2020.

Pérez also has experience in the island House of Representatives and Senate, where he worked for more than a decade. He has been a member of the PDP for over 20 years.

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