• The Star Staff

PDP candidate calls on Pierluisi to clarify if members of his campaign were part of Telegram chat

By John McPhaul


Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the House of Representatives Yaramary Torres called on New Progressive Party gubernatorial candidate Pedro Pierluisi on Wednesday to say if any participants in the Telegram chat with former Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares are part of his campaign.

“Pedro Pierluisi must explain to the country if [former Public Affairs & Public Policy Secretary] Ramón Rosario, who was one of the active participants in the chat of shame, is in his campaign,” Torres said in a written statement. “After one of the worst government administrations in our history, it is questionable and reprehensible that Pedro Pierluisi has one of the people who failed the country on his work team. It is evident that they are the same and they come with the same styles to make fun of the people and distribute public funds.”

The House candidate also pointed out that Rosario is, in turn, a partner of Rosselló’s former legal adviser, Alfonso Orona, another participant in the controversial chat that led to Rosselló’s resignation in August 2019. Rosario and Orona are under investigation by the Office of the Independent Special Prosecutor Panel (OPFEI by its Spanish initials) for their participation in the infamous chat.

Torres reiterated that “Pedro Pierluisi has a lot to explain to the country.”

“This connection with these people shows that he lacks integrity and it does not matter that the people have rejected that chat and the members of it who mocked the pain of the people and violated the ethical rules of public service,” she said.

Torres added that Pierluisi has to answer “for the dismissals of public employees that the Financial Oversight and Management Board intends to push for.”

“As the board’s attorney, you need to explain how many layoffs you negotiated and if the chat members are part of your team,” she said. “The people cannot be fooled by the same old people who have failed them. These connections expose the true face of Pedro Pierluisi and his dire agenda for the people of Puerto Rico.”