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PDP candidate condemns NPP senator’s ‘violent attitude’ with firearms in pro-GOP demonstration

By The Star Staff

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Senate candidate for the Carolina District Christian Rodríguez on Monday characterized as violent and out of place the attitude of New Progressive Party (NPP) Sen. Nayda Venegas Brown, who held a press conference Sunday afternoon to show her support for President Donald Trump.

“It is unusual, and the violent deployment of assault weapons to make a public statement has caused great annoyance in the district. When no fewer than 418 violent deaths have been registered this year, Venegas Brown surrounds herself with hooded men in a violent posture,” the PDP candidate said. “Has someone from the senior leadership of the New Progressive Party called Senator Venegas Brown to meet with her, or is it that they agree with her?”

Rodríguez was referring specifically to a photograph published on Facebook in which the legislator, who defines herself as a Republican and pro-Trump, stands holding a banner in support of the president, flanked by eight people who are masked and dressed as if they were riot squad personnel, holding assault rifles in an intimidating manner, standing in front of a U.S. flag that hangs from the roof of a building to the ground.

“It is incongruous to claim to follow Christian doctrine and to propose the use of assault weapons indiscriminately. It is incongruous to say, on the one hand, that the lives of the unborn must be protected and, on the other hand, carry out a march in favor of violence,” Rodríguez said. “Senator Venegas Brown, 15 days before the elections, you must evaluate your positions. If you are so interested in statehood, don’t try to imitate the bad and the violent of the American nation. Better to propose the values of responsibility and solidarity.”

Sunday’s Republican event was called by, among others, former NPP Sen. Myriam Ramírez de Ferrer, who no longer lives in Puerto Rico and traveled to the island for the demonstration. In a radio interview Monday, Ramírez de Ferrer described the event as “spectacular,” also ensuring that Trump favors statehood.

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