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PDP candidates present energy proposal for Guaynabo

Ernesto Cabrera Fuentes

By The Star Staff

The city of Guaynabo, like many other jurisdictions in Puerto Rico, suffers from a lack of reliable sources of electric power that can contribute positively to the progress and well-being of its residents. Faced with this reality, the president of the municipal committee of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) and candidate for mayor, Ernesto Cabrera Fuentes, presented along with PDP candidates for the municipal legislature and District 5 candidate for the island House of Representatives, Elba Beatriz Rivera Estrada, his energy proposal for evaluation by the citizens who will vote in the general election on Nov. 5.

“As I have already expressed, my commitment to Guaynabo is to present a series of projects that go to the heart of the problems we are experiencing in our city,” Cabrera Fuentes said. “One of these issues that we want to address is the one that occurs in growing cities; they [concern] the sources of energy on which we all depend, both in homes and in businesses and industries.”

“Like every city that grew in the last years of the last century, Guaynabo did so by sacrificing issues such as the production and distribution of electricity to homes,” the candidate for mayor continued. “Its sprawling and uncontrolled growth was the basis for creating a deficient and harmful electrical system for the population. Deficient because it became 100% dependent on energy-based production by burning fossil fuels. But, we are already in a new era where it is urgent that we change to a renewable-energy system that is cleaner, more affordable, sustainable and reliable.”

Accompanied by his municipal legislative team, including former first lady and certified public accountant Wilma Pastrana, Cabrera Fuentes said his administration, in addition to bringing Guaynabo into the 21st century, will be contributing to combating the effects of climate change and greenhouse pollutants.

“My proposal for Guaynabo is to develop a Comprehensive Energy Plan … that includes the creation of a Municipal Energy Company (Guaynabo Power Authority),” he said. “I have already started meetings with specialists in the field and with citizens to develop the initiative with broad participation.”

The proposal seeks to achieve the following objectives:

1. Promote the construction of solar communities and community microgrids

2. Create power generation projects at municipal facilities

3. Develop a 100% solar urban center

4. Install charging stations in municipal facilities for electric cars

5. Provide support to sick people with special conditions (breathing apparatus, electric wheelchairs, etc.)

6. Promote the development of renewable-energy projects in spaces such as landfills

7. Promote energy-saving efficiency and conservation measures in all municipal offices and facilities

8. Order that the municipality’s vehicle fleet be made up of electric vehicles, and

9. Encourage the municipal service fleet to gradually convert to electric vehicles.

“We expect that by 2030, at least 50% of electricity consumption in Guaynabo will be generated by renewable energy. This is our way of contributing to the creation of a new energy model, focused on the protection of the economic and social environment of our city. From our point of view, this whole issue of switching from traditional energy to renewable energy must [entail] a technological solution so that the energy that is needed can be produced,” Cabrera Fuentes said. “As I have said before: together we are going to elevate Guaynabo to the level of world-class cities. We come with a positive mindset: yes, we can make a change and yes, we are going to do it.”

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Oscar Melendez
Oscar Melendez

Otro mas comprado por los que promueven la propaganda de mentiras del “climate change”. Todas esas ideas que propone este señor tiene un interés corporativo listo para ser contratado por el gobierno y brindar esos servicios. Los paneles solares promueven la explotación mineral destructiva del medio ambiente y nunca podrán proveer toda la electricidad que necesita Puerto Rico. Hay que buscar gas natural que quema mas limpio que las otras fuentes de energía. El mercado de vehículos eléctricos tiene compradores y ya están disponibles. Dejen que esas empresas y la libre competencia provean las soluciones.

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