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PDP electoral commissioner urges party faithful to vote

By John McPhaul


Popular Democratic Party (PDP) voters who want to know their electoral status as well as where they will vote in the Aug. 9 primaries will be able to do so quickly, easily and safely, PDP Electoral Commissioner Lind Merle Feliciano announced Monday.

Through the party’s website -- www.ppdpr.net -- PDP voters will be able to access an electronic system where entering their electoral card number will provide the described information. Merle Feliciano announced that the new technological initiative also allows voters to see the ballot models for the various elective positions that have primaries in the electoral precincts.

“This platform was designed so that people just by entering their electoral card number have the basic information they need to know to exercise their vote and that they can view in advance the ballots of the candidates who have primaries in their electoral precinct. This will facilitate the process when exercising their vote because the person will have a clearer idea about the candidates to select from,” Merle Feliciano said. “We want to make it easier for PDP voters to access information related to the primaries on August 9 and, eventually, to the general elections. For this, the use of technology plays a fundamental role, even more so in the midst of the pandemic.”

To know where they should vote and their electoral status, voters must enter the PDP website at www.ppdpr.net. They will find a box in the center of the page that has a button that reads “Check Here” and which must be selected. Once voters click on that button, they will reach another page where they will find, in the upper left, the space to enter their electoral card number. Upon entering the number and pressing the button that reads “Search,” the voter will immediately be able to see his/her date of birth, electoral status, the precinct where he/she votes, the electoral unit and the municipality. He/she will also find the name of the polling place and the address where it is located.

The system also allows voters to see the ballots for which they will have the right to vote by simply clicking on the buttons identified with: governor, at-large, district and mayor. Once the voter presses those buttons, only those model ballots and candidacies will appear for which she will have the right to vote.

Merle Feliciano called on voters to get out and vote in the primaries.

“It is important that all the PDP voters go out to vote in the primaries so that they can choose the best candidates who will become the official candidates of the PDP in the general elections,” he said. “It is the PDP voters who have the power in their hands to create a robust ballot that will allow the most corrupt NPP [New Progressive Party] administration in the history of our country to be removed from the government.”

The PDP has primaries for mayorships in 17 municipalities. In the case of the districts, there will be primaries in 20 of 40 House of Representatives districts and in seven of eight Senate districts.

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