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PDP expels ex-House speaker ‘Rony’ Jarabo

Popular Democratic Party President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González

By The Star Staff

After he participated in an event at which Miguel Romero Lugo filed his candidacy for a second term as San Juan mayor, José Ronaldo “Rony” Jarabo, a former speaker of the island House of Representatives, was expelled from the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), the party’s deputy secretary, Yaramary Torres, announced on Sunday.

“Given the statements of the former speaker of the House of Representatives, José Ronaldo Jarabo, during the filing of the candidacy of the current mayor of San Juan for the NPP, Miguel Romero, from the platform of the New Progressive Party and in a broadcast on social networks, our president Jesús Manuel Ortiz has made the determination to enforce the regulations of our party,” Torres said in a written statement. “For this reason, and in accordance with article 241 of our regulations, Mr. José Ronaldo Jarabo is declared as an unaffiliated voter and expelled from all his functions in our community. Therefore, he is separated from all the organizations, duties, rights and functions related to the Popular Democratic Party, among which is the General Council, the General Assembly, the Council of Former Officials and the Municipal Committee of San Juan.”

“While, today, the true leadership of the PDP is focused on reorganizing, supervising and placing the Popular Party in a position to win to remove the disastrous NPP government in San Juan and Puerto Rico, Mr. Jarabo lends himself to a spectacle that is embarrassing for a former leader of our community,” the party official added. “It is evident that Mr. Jarabo no longer feels part of the PDP that on several occasions gave him the opportunity to serve.”

On Sunday, Romero Lugo filed his candidacy for a new term as mayor of San Juan.

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