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PDP fills vacant Senate seat in Guayama

As soon as the results of Sunday’s electoral event arecertified, the new Popular Democratic Party senator for the District of Guayama, Héctor Santiago Torres, must complete the regulatory documentation to take the oath of office and begin his work in the Senate.

By The Star Staff

On Sunday afternoon, following the primary to fill the vacancy of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) in the Senate for the district of Guayama, the mayor of that municipality, O’brain Vázquez Molina, congratulated Héctor Santiago Torres, who was elected with the support of 129 delegates, of the 382 who participated in the event held at the Guayama School of Fine Arts.

“I must first congratulate all the delegates of our district who fulfilled their democratic duty and participated in the event,” the mayor said. “By a large majority, they have selected comrade Héctor Santiago Torres, who has a combination of youth, academic preparation and experience in public service, particularly in relation to municipal work. Now Héctor assumes a very important position for all 15 towns that make up our district.”

Vázquez Molina also thanked the other four candidates who competed in the PDP event.

“To the friends and POpular comrades Carmen Ciela González, Ángel Rodríguez Otero, Roberto Colón Sánchez and Juan Carlos Figueroa Vázquez, my respect for a clean campaign and ideas,” he said. “You have set a good example for what it means to be Popular and I hope that the four of you will continue to contribute to the PDP as you have done today.”

As soon as the results of Sunday’s event are certified, the new senator must complete the regulatory documentation to take the oath of office and begin his work in the Senate.

For his part, Santiago Torres said that his priorities are in the economic development of the district, “as well as in the solution of pressing problems in the communities, such as consistent access to drinking water and improving the state of public roads.”

“I appreciate the support received, which I will honor by working for our 15 towns in the district of Guayama,” he said.

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