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PDP group opens campaign against proposed rule changes

Morovis Mayor Carmen Maldonado González

By The Star Staff

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) leaders Carmen Maldonado González, Jesús Manuel Ortiz, Héctor Ferrer Santiago, Gerardo A. “Toñito” Cruz, Charlie Delgado Altieri and Pablo José Hernández Rivera began their campaign on Thursday against the proposed amendments to the party’s regulations.

The amendments cancel the election of the party president that had been scheduled for Feb. 26, create an executive committee and extend the term of the current PDP president, as president of the executive committee, until Dec. 31, 2023.

In a 40-second video, the PDP leaders urge voting against the amendments in the regulations assembly slated for Nov. 13.

In the video, the leaders charge that the amendments take away the vote of thousands of PDP supporters, and insist that the party must be rescued and returned to its people.

The group concludes by encouraging PDP members to: “Say no to amendments.”

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