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PDP holds training workshop for commissioners working in primary

Popular Democratic Party commissioners and their alternates in 14 electoral precincts participated in workshops and educational activities on primary regulations, including early voting, at party headquarters over the weekend.

By The Star Staff

The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) held a meeting with party commissioners and their alternates in 14 electoral precincts to ensure the integrity of the voting process and that there is an ample voter turnout in the June 2 primary.

PDP Electoral Commissioner Karla Angleró González said the commissioners participated in workshops and educational activities on primary regulations, including early voting.

“Also the governing board and our staff emphasized the importance of understanding the modalities in the levels of inspection necessary to ensure the integrity of the process,” Angleró said.

PDP Secretary General Gerardo “Toñito” Cruz Maldonado, pointed out that the guidelines are based on the 2020 Electoral Code. In addition, he stressed the importance of maintaining the purity of the process as part of the rights of citizens who are eligible for early voting.

“I strongly appeal to the PDP-affiliated voters, who in response to the anxiety expressed by the governor of the New Progressive Party [NPP], which is [pursuing] an irresponsible agenda of managing early voting requests under its insignia, to reject such management,” said Cruz Maldonado, who was among officials offering workshops to the commissioners. “The NPP has a natural inclination to use these mechanisms irregularly and even fraudulently, so we are ready to file new complaints if this practice continues.”

“We want to make it clear that we are ready and willing to assist our voters in requesting early voting, guaranteeing their fundamental right to participate in the PDP primary process,” he added.

The group of more than 200 people met at PDP headquarters in Puerto de Tierra to receive training on various topics. The workshops included an explanation of the levels of inspection and the handling and administration of the early voting request for the general elections. There were also workshops on the program implementation process for each precinct in Puerto Rico, and attendees were guided to make the most of the electoral process modalities adopted by the party governing board.

Regarding the early voting process, those present received guidance on a detailed program for each precinct in Puerto Rico aimed at effectively managing and administering requests for the general elections.

“It is crucial to emphasize that each commissioner can supervise early voting, including reviewing PDP voters’ applications that the NPP has processed,” Cruz Maldonado said. “Priority sectors have been identified for carrying out this inspection work, especially those that are highly protected.”

Cruz Maldonado, who is an alternate electoral commissioner, noted that the “Voy Subiendo y Voy Bajando” program has been launched.

“This program is aimed at identifying voters registered in the United States, to request the deactivation of those who no longer reside in Puerto Rico, thus guaranteeing the accuracy of our electoral records and fraud in the process,” he said.

Along the same lines, Angleró González stated that “the Popular Democratic Party is committed to democracy, citizen participation and the integrity of the electoral process.”

“We are prepared to face the electoral processes and guarantee transparency, ensuring that every vote counts,” she said. “I thank the commissioners and alternates who came here today to train and put the PDP in a position to win the elections.”

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