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PDP lawmaker anticipates the dissolution of Discover Puerto Rico

By John McPhaul


Popular Democratic Party Rep. Ángel Matos García said in a radio interview Thursday that he anticipates the destination marketing organization (DMO) Discover Puerto Rico will disappear during the next four-year governmental term for not having shown results despite the island government’s million-dollar investment in the organization.

“The boat is leaking. When you spend $75 million in the country and there are no results, that is the same as when you have a puppy in your house that you love very much but he is sick,” Matos García said. “Well, you have to put that dog to sleep. That is what will happen in January with the DMO.”

Matos García, who represents District 40 (Carolina), claimed that three years after the creation of Discover Puerto Rico, the entity did not have a “marketing” plan for the island, and reiterated that in three years the DMO’s spending reached $75 million.

Meanwhile, Tomás Ramírez, spokesman for the small hoteliers and a member of the DMO, rejected Matos García’s statements and pointed out that the aforementioned entity has a budget of $25 million.

“We have been asking that this number [the budget] be increased,” Ramírez said in a radio interview.

“At this historical moment it is the most important option,” Ramírez said, noting that the current system costs less. “Before having the DMO we used over $60 million in promotion annually; $25 million was allocated to the DMO.”

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