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PDP lawmaker calls Pierluisi a defender of LUMA Energy

By John McPhaul


Rep. Luis Raúl Torres charged Wednesday that New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate Pedro Pierluisi’s refusal to cancel the LUMA Energy contract with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) if he is elected shows that Pierluisi continues to be tied to large economic interests while turning his back on the people of Puerto Rico.

“Pedro Pierluisi, instead of canceling the LUMA Energy contract, prefers to defend it by becoming LUMA’s lawyer,” the San Juan District 2 lawmaker said. “The question is: Why does Pierluisi prefer to keep a contract in force that will cost the people close to $2 billion? Why does he continue to act like a lawyer for the big interests?”

The Popular Democratic Party legislator insisted that the record of the NPP candidate for governor as a defender of big interests has been clear and always goes against the best interests of Puerto Rico residents.

“We have a candidate who has tripled his income working for the fiscal oversight board, making decisions and recommending actions against our people,” Torres said. “Now, he prefers to be the lawyer for LUMA Energy and the big interests even if it costs our people millions. Pedro Pierluisi is not interested in the rising cost of [electrical] service, the removal of PREPA employees, the loss of benefits for retirees, and a multiplier impact on our economy. LUMA will increase the cost of electricity, and in turn, increase the cost of doing business on the island.”

“The only candidate for governor with a genuine commitment and in favor of the people is Charlie Delgado,” he added. “Acting in a responsible manner, as only a good administrator knows how, he ordered a legal analysis of this contract and has been categorical that it must be canceled to ensure transparency and avoid the waste or misuse of funds at the Electric Power Authority. Only Charlie Delgado has the plan and the vision to transform PREPA and ensure that we have a sustainable system.”

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