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PDP lawmakers urge House speaker to start transition

By The Star Staff

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Reps. Ángel Matos García, Kebin Maldonado, and Juan José Santiago said Monday that the reason why the New Progressive Party (NPP) does not want to initiate the transition process in the island House of Representatives is because they are trying to buy time, since they do not want to accept that House Speaker Carlos “Johnny” Méndez Núñez lost his seat.

“They no longer know what else to do to prevent Luquillo’s three missing [ballot] cases from being counted,” Matos García said in a statement. “Johnny Méndez knows that he lost the election and that is the reason why he accepted his defeat the very night of the election event. The country is tired of lies and tricks to try to confuse public opinion.”

Although the State Elections Commission is conducting the scrutiny of votes, the PDP says it has a majority in the Legislature.

“Our call to Johnny Méndez is to have a graceful exit by accepting his defeat just as he did on Election Night, and facilitating an orderly transition process to begin,” Matos Garcia said. “Puerto Ricans need stability, and certainly the attitude assumed by Méndez and some NPP legislators leaves much to be desired.

Likewise, Kebin Maldonado said Article 8 of Administrative Order 2016-02 reads: “the delegation of the political party with the largest number of elected representatives in the House will appoint an Incoming Transition Committee. Once this committee is constituted, the current House Speaker will be notified, and he will summon the first meeting within the next five days from the written notification, indicating such to the members of the Incoming Transition Committee.”

“The Administrative Order is more than clear,” Maldonado said. “To this end, we are asking Johnny Méndez not to delay this process any longer, and to allow the Outgoing Transition Committee to contact the Incoming Committee.”

Santiago, meanwhile, said NPP Rep. José “Memo” González is not behaving according to the seat he occupies.

“Puerto Rico endorsed with its vote the demand for transparency …” Santiago said. “Memo González must understand that the country rejected the old styles of crassly wanting to take over the democratic processes. We must respect the will of the people and be responsible with the position we occupy, enforcing the law. The transition must begin now.”

“Memo González should not lend himself to political games that put democracy at risk,” he added. “Instead of lending himself to play Johnny Méndez’s game, he should dedicate himself to convincing [Méndez] to come out of that state of denial and accept his defeat, for the good of the country.”

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