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PDP lays out schedule for next phase in drafting of gov’t plan

Popular Democratic Party President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González, with Villalba Mayor and Senate candidate Luis Javier Hernández Ortiz to his left, discusses the next steps for drafting the party’s Institutional Government Plan.

By The Star Staff

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González on Thursday presented the work plan for the next few months that will be executed by the group in charge of drafting the party’s Institutional Government Plan.

“Several weeks ago we presented the task force that is in charge of drafting the Institutional Government Plan that the party will promote for the 2024 general elections,” said Ortiz González, who was accompanied by Villalba mayor and Senate candidate Luis Javier Hernández Ortiz. “Today we present the work schedule at the island level that this group will be executing.”

Reaffirming its vision of “Bread, Land and Freedom,” tempered to the 21st century and promoted by Ortiz González last July, the group of professionals has categorized the priority issues in the aforementioned three terms to execute the plans and the organization of themes.

“The essence of the PDP is to work for social justice for all Puerto Ricans and the best way to do so is by framing today’s issues and reality under the three main postulates that gave rise to the creation of our party; Bread, Land and Liberty,” the party president added.

Ortiz Gonzalez noted that under the term “Bread,” they will be delving into the issues of food security, economic development, workers’ rights, employment, dignified retirement, equal pay and better salary. Under the term “Earth,” they will develop the topics of homeland, affordable housing, agriculture, climate change, natural resources and renewable energy.

The “Liberty” approach will be based on the freedoms and rights of Puerto Ricans under the island Constitution. Among the topics will be the freedom of human beings, the right to vote, the right to strike, religious freedom, the fight against discrimination, human rights, education and the University of Puerto Rico.

During the press conference, Hernández Ortiz presented the schedule of meetings around the island that will begin next month.

“We are calling on Puerto Ricans from all over the island who want to contribute on each of the issues to join us in these meetings, give us the input of their concerns, and possible recommendations to shape the PDP’s Future Plan,” the Puerto Rico Mayors Association president said. “The meetings will begin in January and will last until March, and we will visit all the senatorial districts in work meetings where we will also convene business associations and the third [nonprofit] sector.”

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