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PDP mayor presents what she says is evidence of NPP double balloting

By John McPhaul


Morovis Mayor Carmen Maldonado González, who is also a vice president of the Popular Democratic Party, presented over the weekend what she says is photographic evidence of double ballots being sent to members of the New Progressive Party (NPP) in Morovis.

“Affiliates of that party, decent and honest people, have sent me this information in a confidential way because they are outraged at this impudence,” Maldonado said Sunday. “There is the result of having approved a new electoral law at gunpoint that, far from expanding the right to vote, what it leads to is electoral fraud.”

In the two photos submitted by the mayor, “the stamp with the name and address of the voters is covered to protect their right to confidentiality and two plebiscite ballots are distinguished,” Maldonado said.

“If they did it with these ballots, knowing the despair of the NPP with that useless [Statehood Yes or No] consultation, no one doubts that they are doing the same thing with the ballots of the governor’s office, mayors and Legislature,” the mayor said. “That is why we are going to promote intervention at the federal level. This is a government that could not adequately distribute aid to those in need, but for electoral fraud they are organized.”

Maldonado said her claim is not isolated, since on Friday it was reported to the media that at least 300 requests for early voting, including those for voting at home and voting by mail, faced questions when they were evaluated by electoral commissioners at State Elections Commission headquarters. Specifically, there were cases in which they identified voters who never requested early voting.

“There are applications that were not completed, others lack information, and there are even questionable signatures. All of this encourages electoral fraud,” Maldonado said. “Broad sectors asked the governor not to sign this electoral law, but she preferred to please her party than serve the country and now we have the results. But we are going to be vigilant, vigilant and combative. Democracy is manifested with fair votes and we are going to defend that principle.”

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