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PDP members file complaint to disqualify conservative Bayamón candidate

Wilfredo Díaz Rosado

By The Star Staff

Three Popular Democratic Party (PDP) members have filed a complaint with the party seeking to disqualify Wilfredo Díaz Rosado, a Bayamón District Senate candidate, arguing he does not represent the political party’s values.

The calls for his disqualification came after certain homophobic remarks Díaz Rosado made against Alexa, a homeless transgender woman who was killed four years ago as part of a hate crime, appeared on social media. Díaz Rosado, who describes himself as a conservative candidate, posted a photo of Alexa and warned that she was a danger to children after the transgender woman tried to use a women’s restroom at a McDonalds.

PDP President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González recently distanced himself from Díaz Rosado.

Over the weekend, former Sen. Margarita Ostolaza, Gretchen Coll, and Tirzha Alcaide filed a complaint asking the PDP to disqualify Díaz Rosado. They argued that his positions go against the values of the party. They said they objected to his opposition to gender equality, his position on the immigration crisis in the United States, his skepticism regarding the idea of climate change and his opposition to COVID-19 vaccines. They also argued that his remarks on social media helped spread misinformation.

Díaz Rosado allegedly also said he voted for Sen. Joanne Rodríguez Veve of the conservative Dignity Project.

In social media, Díaz Rosado is a follower of President Donald Trump and has said the 2020 presidential elections, which gave President Joe Biden a victory, were fraudulent. He also said he supports the constitutional right to bear arms and the permanent union with the United States, although not statehood.

Díaz Rosado also has made favorable remarks about El Salvador President Nayib Bukele, who has imprisoned more than 30,000 gang members without due process, and libertarian Argentina President Javier Milei, who recently called for the privatization of more than 40 government agencies.

The PDP governing board is slated to meet today (Monday).

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