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PDP names new president of Guaynabo municipal committee

Ernesto Cabrera, center, is the new president of the Popular Democratic Party Municipal Committee in Guaynabo.

By The Star Staff

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González on Tuesday introduced Ernesto Cabrera as president of the PDP Municipal Committee of Guaynabo.

“Since I assumed the presidency, we have begun to work on the reorganization of the party from our base,” Ortiz González said. “An important part of the reorganization is to identify the best men and women who want to serve the country and who are aligned with the postulates that govern us as an Institution. One of those committed people is our friend Ernesto Cabrera.”

Cabrera’s certification as PDP president in Guaynabo comes as part of the results of the work of the Metropolitan Task Force appointed by Ortiz González last June, which is tasked with reorganizing the towns of Guaynabo, San Juan and Bayamón.

“We know how important it is for the PDP to reorganize the towns of the metropolitan area, that is why we appointed a group of party members to develop a work plan adjusted to the current reality of these municipalities, and today we can say that we are beginning to see the fruits of that work with the reorganization of Guaynabo, and Ernesto’s official certification as municipal president,” Ortiz González said.

He added that “by having a president [in Guaynabo] who knows the leadership and with commitment to our institution, the reorganization processes will be accelerated. We are confident that it will soon be 100% reorganized.”

Cabrera, a young businessman from the municipality, said he felt committed to solidifying the PDP’s reorganization work in Guaynabo to be the alternative for change that the town needs.

“My people of Guaynabo, as the whole country knows, have suffered great disappointments, the people to whom we have given the opportunity to lead have failed us and have put us in positions of shame before everyone,” Cabrera said. “I want to focus on the positives that we can all achieve if we come together in the changes we want to realize. I come to work for Guaynabo, to reorganize our party on every corner, to put our party in a position to win in Guaynabo and in Puerto Rico. I come to present a vision of service to build a New Guaynabo. From Amelia to Torrimar, from Villa Isleña to Quintas Reales, from Camarones to Juan Domingo, from Sonadora to Caparra. We are going to work for our city of Guaynabo.”

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