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PDP president calls on governor to sign Electoral Code amendments into law

Popular Democratic Party President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González

By The Star Staff

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González sent a letter to Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia on Monday urging him to sign into law the amendments to the Electoral Code that were approved by the Legislature last week.

“Today, I sent a letter to the governor asking him to sign and turn into law the amendments to the current Electoral Code,” Ortiz said. “This past Friday, the amendments received the endorsement of the delegations of four of the five political parties represented in the State Elections Commission and in the Legislative Assembly, and of the independent legislators who occupy seats in the legislative bodies.”

Ortiz noted that, among other things, the approved legislation introduces significant changes in the electoral legislation, including measures to control early voting and correct inconsistencies in the awarding of the voter’s intention, and to guarantee an equitable representation of all political parties in the electoral processes, as it was for over 40 years in the State Elections Commission. Also, it seeks to ensure adequate representation of independent candidates in critical areas during electoral events, he said.

“As president of the Popular Democratic Party, and with the respect and clarity with which I always address myself, I ask the governor to sign the measure,” Ortiz said. “In this way, we set an example of convergence, democratic dialogue, and the ability to place the interests of Puerto Rico above any other interest. Not doing so would place Pierluisi and his party again against the entire country represented in the political coalition that endorsed these important changes.”

Although the final legislation did not contain provisions allowing parties to join forces to run in an election, the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) voted in favor of it.

The PIP said the new legislation “rescues some essential principles that we had insisted on since the beginning of the four years, such as equitable representation before the State Election Commission (SEC), consensus in the selection of the president of the SEC, the supervision of special votes and greater participation of independent candidates in the electoral process.”

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