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PDP president congratulates Guayama mayor-elect

Guayama mayor-elect O’Brain Vázquez Molina

By John McPhaul

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) President José Luis Dalmau Santiago congratulated Guayama mayor-elect O’Brain Vázquez Molina, who prevailed in the voting held Saturday in the southern coastal town.

“The people of Guayama came out today to vote and demonstrate the strength of the Popular Party, who will have a great mayor in O’Brain,” Dalmau Santiago said in a written statement. “My congratulations to the new mayor and my greatest wish for success in his new administration. My thanks also to Representative Narmito Ortiz and Kia Rosario for making themselves available to the Popular Party. To the popular people of Guayama, thank you because with your vote you strengthened our democracy. From the PDP and from the Senate, the new Mayor will have an ally in me to continue working for the benefit of Guayama.”

Some 3,373 voters participated in the PDP election in Guayama. Of the total votes cast in 22 electoral precincts, Vázquez Molina was the winner with 2,235 votes. Ortiz had 1,098 votes and Rosario had 22 votes.

PDP Secretary General Ramón Luis Cruz Burgos also congratulated the new mayor of Guayama.

“I am sure that in Guayama we will have a mayor for a long time,” Cruz Burgos said. “O’Brain’s trajectory both in the PDP and in public administration attests to his commitment to our people. Today, with this election, the PDP shows that it is solid and ready to continue leading Guayama.”

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