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PDP redefines party slogan to coincide with modern issues

By The Star Staff

Coinciding with the Popular Democratic Party’s 85th Anniversary, PDP President Jesús Manuel Ortiz Gonzalez has announced the redefinition of the phrase “Pan, Tierra y Libertad” (Bread, Land and Liberty) that, together with the Jibaro image, formed the PDP’s symbol.

“The PPD has led important initiatives for Puerto Rico throughout its history. Eight-five years ago, it launched a crusade to guarantee all Puerto Ricans a better quality of life. For this reason, it took as a bastion of that movement the phrase BREAD, LAND, and LIBERTY. A historic phrase deeply rooted in history and in the minds of all the PDP supporters with deep meaning for Puerto Ricans in the 40s. However, the time has come to readjust and refocus what it means to our times and provide a clear agenda for modern Puerto Rico,” Ortiz González said.

Initially, the word PAN (BREAD) represented having a decent job since sugarcane, tobacco, and coffee workers did not earn enough to support their families, which kept them in poverty. EARTH (TIERRA) symbolized a place for Puerto Ricans to build their home, their own space to raise a family, and LIBERTY represented the power to elect their rulers freely and have the ability to join a political party.

“These fundamental principles are still important, but now they focus on different aspects. Today, bread translates into having a well-paid job that meets families’ basic needs. It means that our young people do not have to leave Puerto Rico to look for better job opportunities. It means that our older adults do not have to decide every month whether to pay for electricity or stop buying items from the basic food basket to be able to complete the month,” he indicated while stressing that it was the PDP legislative delegation that proposed, through House Bill 338, the increase in the island’s minimum wage.

“For my generation, the Earth means having a safe home, but it also means conserving our planet, adopting renewable energy sources, and counteracting global warming. This generation recognizes the importance of preserving the natural environment for future generations, which is why the preservation of the environment must be among the priorities of the PDP, which is why we are announcing the creation of the Auxiliary Secretariat for Environmental Affairs and Climate Change in the PPD. This Secretariat will work on public policy alternatives in favor of the protection of our natural resources,” he said.

In the 21st century, freedom is an issue of great relevance. “The liberty promoted by the PPD is that of the human being. Liberty (LIBERTAD) encompasses various crucial aspects to achieve an inclusive and equitable society. The PPD has always defended the rights of all Puerto Ricans in their fight against all kinds of discrimination,” he emphasized.

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