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PDP’s motivation for eliminating the Office of the Special Independent Prosecutor is questioned

By The Star Staff

New Progressive Party Rep. José Aponte Hernández on Thursday questioned the motivation and insistence of some members of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) delegation in the island House of Representatives to eliminate the Office of the Special Independent Prosecutor (FEI by its Spanish initials) Panel.

“It is highly questionable that the PDP brought down for a vote yesterday the measures to eliminate the FEI Office just a few days after a case was found for a trial against the mayor of Mayagüez, as well as that of Ponce, both members of the Popular party,” Aponte said. “Our delegation does not believe in eliminating this anti-corruption filter and we made it known. The figure of the FEI was born from the Watergate scandal that cost Richard Nixon the presidency and led to his closest advisors, as well as two former justice secretaries under his administration, to be found guilty of illegal acts. We rejected such [legislative] measures in the past and we will continue to do so.”

“Our priorities are with the public policy endorsed by the people of Puerto Rico at the polls during the 2020 general elections,” the veteran lawmaker added. “That includes work in favor of the admission of Puerto Rico as a state of the union, and the fight against corruption in all levels and spheres, among others. Our delegation has filed more than 30 measures in this four-year term against corruption and the PDP has not paid attention to them.”

“The FEI is a structure that is needed in Puerto Rico,” Aponte added. “In fact, it was a Popular Party governor that established this office. Since then, we have tried to reinforce it, tempering it to the new realities. We will continue to identify real alternatives to support OPFEI, as well as other platforms to combat the terrible social evil of corruption.”

Yesterday the PDP majority delegation gave its approval to House bills 1701 and 1702, which, among other things, eliminate the OPFEI.

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