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PDP San Juan mayoral candidate has yet to meet with Zaragoza

By The Star Staff

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for mayor of San Juan Terestella González Denton said Tuesday that she has yet to meet with Juan Zaragoza Gómez, the former gubernatorial candidate who lost the PDP primary election, even though he has met with her New Progressive Party opponent, incumbent Mayor Miguel Romero Lugo.

“That leaves a lot to say, really, as to where his priorities are,” she said. “But really, that doesn’t make me lose any sleep.”

Zaragoza won the gubernatorial primary in San Juan by a wide margin, with 5,984 votes compared to the 3,266 obtained by the eventual winner, PDP President Jesús Manuel Ortiz González, who also lost in the capital city during the party’s presidential election in 2023. Zaragoza was photographed meeting with Romero on social media, stirring concerns about a division in the PDP.

However, the PDP candidate for the San Juan District 4 seat in the island House of Representatives, Manuel Calderón Cerame, said he would try to reunite his party colleagues to have a united front heading into November.

“I believe we can achieve something, and that is my intention,” the municipal legislator said. “I can be an entity that can achieve and promote and solidify the unity needed in the Popular Democratic Party leadership. It would be between Juan Zaragoza and Terestella González and even Jesús Manuel [Ortiz] himself.”

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