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PDP Senate candidate: Bringing Rosselló Nevares back shows Pierluisi didn’t learn anything

Nina Valedon

By The Star Staff

Nina Valedón Santiago, the Popular Democratic Party candidate for the Senate for the Humacao district, said Monday that the fact that Gov. Pedro Pierluisi’s team brought in former Gov. Ricardo Rosselló Nevares for its primary campaign closing this past Sunday is “evidence that they did not learn anything about what is happening in Puerto Rico.”

“If Pierluisi wins on Sunday [primary elections day] and becomes the official candidate of the New Progressive Party (NPP) for the November elections, he will have to carry that heavy political package,” Valedón said. “The voters will not forget. Now the questions that people ask on the street are: Why did Rosselló endorse Pierluisi? What was the negotiation and what were the promises? They will have to answer.”

On Monday morning, Pierluisi’s campaign director, Edwin Mundo, said the NPP faithful have forgiven the ex-governor, who stepped down from office under pressure in 2019 after a leaked Telegram chat spawned a scandal.

“I differ from Mundo,” the Senate candidate said. “Rosselló went down in history as the first governor who had to resign from his position and if the NPP insists on placing him as a decoy on the ballot along with Pierluisi, they will be in for a surprise.”

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