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PDP Senate majority leader to be charged after alleged altercation with his driver

Sen. Javier Aponte Dalmau

By John McPhaul

The Popular Democratic Party (PDP) majority leader in the island Senate, Javier Aponte Dalmau, will be charged with disturbing the peace and simple aggression, his lawyers José Andreu Fuentes and Ricardo Prieto García announced on Tuesday.

The senator will be charged over an incident last week in which Aponte Dalmau allegedly grabbed his chauffeur, Rafaeil Rivera Ramos, by the throat and threatened him with violence.

Rivera Ramos said Aponte Dalmau was under the influence of alcohol at the time. Aponte Dalmau denied the charges to the local press.

“The Criminal Investigation Corps had summoned the senator for this Wednesday [today] to be interviewed. His intention, as he had previously expressed, was to give his version of the events, which is why we decided to go immediately,” Andreu Fuentes said in a written statement. “However, when we arrived at the Comandancia, to our surprise, we were informed that the Police and the Department of Justice had already made a decision in terms of filing a less serious charge of disturbing the peace and simple assault.”

Prieto García added that “if the investigators had already made a decision, then they never intended to listen to what the senator had to say about what happened.”

“Nor did they call any of the witnesses that we, as his defense, made available to them so that they could contribute to the investigation,” the attorney said. “Given this fact, we then recommend to the senator not to issue any statement about what happened and to prepare for the next procedural stage.”

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