PDP spokesman: ‘We must take the Rosselló-Pierluisi-Vázquez government out’

By Pedro Correa Henry

Twitter: @PCorreaHenry

Special to The Star

Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Spokesman Rafael “Tatito” Hernández called on voters Sunday to go out and exercise their right to vote in the party’s primary elections this Saturday as doing so will “formulate the voting ballot that contrasts with the New Progressive Party (NPP) and defeat the most corrupt and incompetent government in the country’s history.”

During a Zoom video conference, PDP hopefuls for the House of Representatives had the chance to share why they believe voters should exercise their right to vote in the party’s primary elections, as the party has 16 hopefuls with the chance of becoming members of the Puerto Rico Legislature. Meanwhile, Hernández pointed out that the main reason people should support these new candidates is to get rid of legislative bodies that are both operated by the NPP.

“The NPP House and Senate, operated by Thomas Rivera Schatz and Carlos ‘Johnny’ Méndez, have turned their backs on the people with their inaction, looking the other way, and defending what’s indefensible,” Hernández said. “We are here to remind the country of the disaster from this corrupt government, and the Legislature’s complicity. We must take the Rosselló-Pierluisi-Vázquez government out.”

Hernández insisted that people should go out and vote because Puerto Rico needs a new Legislature. He said the island should not be ruled by people who are the subjects of ongoing local and federal investigations.

“People of Puerto Rico: we must go out and vote next August 9 to forge together a new Legislature for Puerto Rico,” Hernández said. “We need a balanced Legislature, with good people with a career path, with causes, with life experiences; [we need] serious and committed people. That’s why I’m making this call today.”

The PDP house hopefuls are Enid Monge, Pedro Irene Maymí, Carlos Javier Sánchez, Ángel Rodríguez Otero, Aníbal Ribot, Luis Luque, Juan Torres, Moisés Rodríguez, Benny Álvarez, José “Cheito” Rivera Madera, Ángel “Tito” Fourquet, Marlese Sifre, Estrella Martínez, Juan José Santiago, Norberto Olmeda, and Raymond Rivera Furte.

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