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PDP wants to change amendments to Rules Assembly

Luis Javier Hernández, mayor of Villalba and president of the Association of Mayors.

By John McPhaul

The Rules Committee of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) presented a resolution so that through a preferential turn in the PDP Rules Assembly, the original amendments approved by the PPD can be considered and the amendments filed in the PDP Governing Board in mid-October can be excluded.

The committee was chaired by Luis Javier Hernández, mayor of Villalba and president of the Association of Mayors; and it is also composed of the representative and vice president of the House of Representatives, Lydia Méndez; Representative Deborah Soto; the senator and vice president of the Senate, Marially González; PDP electoral commissioner Ramón Torres and José Ramón Castro.

“After the meeting of the Governing Board in October, the Committee met immediately, to discuss what happened and seek alternatives for the benefit of our Popular Party. We understand that the work we do for almost seven months must have deference and more when it comes to transcribing the requests of the popular who participated in each of our hearings, “ said the mayor of Villalba.

For the Rules Assembly, which will be held on November 13, 2022, the Rules Committee presented a resolution to the secretary of the PPD, Luis Vega Ramos, in which it was requested that the Committee present a brief summary of all the work that was done and to discuss the regulation delivered before the amendments of the Governing Board.

In addition, it is requested that the originals that were compiled and approved in the Rules Committee and that were amendments delivered to the President of the PDP on September 7, 2022, be taken to the vote of the assembly. This, based on the fact that it is the product of the verbal and written claim of the participants in the different meetings or Public Hearings.

The Committee also requests that the issue of the presidency and executive committee be left on the table to be discussed by the Governing Board at a later date than the Assembly, that it must be immediate and that the work of the Assembly be closed after the votes on the original amendments are concluded.

“The Party and the Country know my behavior and I have always been a leader of conciliation. The PDP president’s task of directing this effort achieved the integration of leaders and various sectors, in the search for our Rules of Procedure to position the PDP as an inclusive party, with a future and vanguard. It is our responsibility to defend this effort and to enforce and respect the original amendments. The proposals for regulations approved in the last Governing Board put us in a confrontation between all sectors of our party. As a conciliatory measure we propose that the General Assembly see a single issue, The Original Regulation, and in a next Governing Board the other matters are addressed,” said the lawyer and President of the Association of Mayors.

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