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Pet park to be built in Carolina’s Country Club

By The Star Staff

The well-known recreational facilities in Country Club, one of the largest housing complexes in Puerto Rico, will be remodeled and will soon include a pet park, at a cost of $322,189, Carolina District Sen. Marissa “Marissita” Jiménez Santoni announced on Wednesday.

“The Country Club area is essential to Carolina’s socioeconomic development. Part of that development is the rehabilitation of sports and recreational infrastructure,” the New Progressive Party senator said. “All of us who have visited the area know about the state of the passive park and the basketball court of that urbanization. Today all this changes with a solid economic investment.”

Jiménez Santoni noted that “[a]s part of this work, in addition to rehabilitating the area, including the basketball court, a pet park, unique in the area, will be built so that the whole family can enjoy this remodeled recreational complex.”

“We know that the Puerto Rican family is also made up of pets and this is a space that will be created so that citizens can spend time with their dogs in a safe environment,” she added.

The renovation work will also include the installation of new structures for the enjoyment of children such as a new platform for hanging swings and the traditional seesaws, as well as other attractions.

The funds for the work come from a budget allocation suggested by the senator through the Puerto Rico Land Authority.

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