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Physicians Assn. assails opening of health clinics by insurers

Physicians & Surgeons Association of Puerto Rico President Dr. Carlos Díaz Vélez

By The Star Staff

Physicians & Surgeons Association of Puerto Rico (CMCPR by its Spanish initials) President Dr. Carlos Díaz Vélez criticized on Monday the opening of clinics and centers by health insurers, accusing them of “blatant conflict of interest.”

“This overwhelming expansion of dozens of centers and clinics will in the coming months devour and crush the private medical practices of hundreds of doctors and dozens of health facilities,” Díaz Vélez warned in a written statement.

He described the situation as an operation of market hoarding, control and concentration that “violates and corrupts the system of balances” in the provision of private health services.

“Doctors see how with this hook, in the face of economic precariousness, patients are pulled to these concentrated clinics,” he said. “Thus, the size or viability of the medical practice is reduced, all for the benefit of the insurer turned provider.”

Díaz Vélez also denounced the fact that patients are induced to abandon their family doctors to be treated in the aforementioned clinics where, due to the high volume of patients, they are examined in just a few minutes.

The CMCPR president criticized those who would celebrate the new clinics, which he called “ventorrillos” of health.

“The quality [of care] is reduced, the patient is a number, he is attended simply by who is there and not by those who have known his history,” he lamented.

Díaz Vélez called on patients to notify their doctors if they receive calls from insurers inviting them to be treated in the new centers and for doctors to report such practices.

“No one will silence our complaints,” he said.

He also invited those who celebrate the opening of the centers to reflect on the consequences.

“It is sad to see members of the Senate’s parliamentary majority being confused by these siren songs,” he said.

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Laslo Keller
Laslo Keller
Oct 09, 2023

this is very interesting for me

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