Pierluisi campaign chief calls on PDP to submit a name for new SEC chair

By John McPhaul

Edwin Mundo, director of campaign operations for New Progressive Party (NPP) gubernatorial candidate Pedro Pierluisi, called on Popular Democratic Party Electoral Commissioner Nicolás Gautier on Wednesday to act and nominate someone to chair the State Elections Commission (SEC).

“They are bent on beheading the commission,” Mundo said in a radio interview. “That is the only purpose [for not making a nomination]. There is a process for filling a vacancy with an alternate; the NPP complied and submitted a name.”

SEC Chairman Juan Dávila does not have the confidence of several of the party electoral commissioners to continue directing the commission after the primary. Mundo said he submitted the name of a person to lead the SEC.

“Evaluate that one. If you don’t like that one … Gautier basically ruled it out on a television program,” Mundo said, adding that if “there is no consensus, we go to the next one [candidate to head the SEC]. But I tell you that time is running out. Time passes and they have to make decisions if we want the elections to be on Nov. 3.”

“If we decapitate the commission, imagine what is happening now when there is a chairman,” Mundo added. “If we decapitate the commission, they will never agree with 60-odd days left before the elections.

“My invitation is to take the process seriously, evaluate that one and if that is not the one they want, then they look for another one.”

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