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Pierluisi, González Colón electoral teams set ground rules

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón

By The Star Staff

New Progressive Party (NPP) primary candidate for governor Jenniffer González Colón said Monday that at her request there was a meeting of her campaign leadership and that of Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia with the party’s electoral commissioner, Vanessa Saint Dominic Cross.

“One of the things I have done is ask the party or the governor and directly ask the electoral commissioner of the NPP, that a first campaign meeting could be held between the teams, my political director, Ángel Cintrón, my campaign director Francisco Domenech, my electoral director Aníbal Vega Borges and today it is taking place,” González Colón said in a separate interview with the press. “A meeting was held this morning at the State Election Commission with the NPP electoral commissioner, Santo Domingo, and Governor Pierluisi’s campaign director, Edwin Mundo.”

The resident commissioner said the meeting was held to establish clear rules on how the campaign should be run because “we are brothers in the same community and that we can, as a party, focus on what the absentee vote is, early voting, which is what is necessary for our party to win the November election.”

“I believe that the most important thing is that this work be done in unison, so I have made my team available to the party for this, for the regulations that are needed, so that we can be on the same page and there is no type of of discrepancy on the processes that will govern the primary that will take place on June 2,” González Colón stated.

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