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Pierluisi met with Puerto Rican businessmen and elected officials in Orlando

Gov. Pierluisi

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico Gov. Pedro R. Pierluisi met with Puerto Rican businessmen and elected officials in the city of Orlando to strengthen initiatives that promote economic growth opportunities in Central Florida and the Island.

He spoke with the mayor of Orange County, Jerry Demings, to explore alternatives to expand the opportunities for collaboration between Puerto Rico and Orlando.

“Orange County has one of the largest concentrations of Puerto Ricans in the state of Florida, which represents 46.8 percent of the population in that area. That is why our interest is focused on strengthening the initiatives that promote the economic development of the area and its potential impact on our Island. I thank the Mayor of Orange County, Jerry Demings, for always being willing to support our Puerto Rican community” the governor said.

Also, Pierluisi held a meeting with Puerto Rican businessmen who shared their experiences when they decided to expand their businesses in Central Florida. The success stories demonstrated the business opportunities that exist in the area for the development of business models between Puerto Rico and Florida.

Meanwhile, the director of PRFAA, Carmen Feliciano, added that “the Puerto Rican community in Orange County has grown exponentially in recent years, we see it every day in our regional office, where we provide essential services to Puerto Ricans who live in the state. For us, knowing first-hand the needs and success stories of the Puerto Rican business community in the area opens spaces for collaboration and exchange of ideas that will strengthen the economy of both parties and benefit Puerto Ricans on the Island and in Central Florida”.

The meeting comes as a prelude to the Expo Puerto Rico event, which will be held in Orlando, Florida from December 5 to 9, aimed at Puerto Rican companies that are interested in expanding. During the event, which is organized by the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC), the aim is to guide Puerto Rican businessmen on the processes necessary to export their products from Puerto Rico to Florida and from Florida to Puerto Rico. Likewise, it will be oriented on job opportunities on the Island.

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