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Pierluisi raises over $5 million for campaign war chest

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi

By The Star Staff

The reelection campaign of Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia has raised over $5 million total, campaign finance director Andrés Guillemard said Thursday.

The fundraising gap between the governor’s campaign and those of Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González Colón and Popular Democratic Party candidates is wide, and “unequivocally” is due “to the people’s conviction” that the governor is the only one who can guarantee progress and stability for Puerto Rico, Guillemard said.

González Colón said in a radio report that the high numbers are no guarantee that Pierluisi can get things done, as has happened over the past three years. The incumbent’s campaign finance director begged to differ.

“The people want stability and continuity of the work and our progress in these three years,” Guillemard said. “And our governor is the one who guarantees them. We are in transformative moments in which the reconstruction and rescue of public finances has been dramatically accelerated. All of Puerto Rico knows that it cannot and does not want to stop and Pierluisi is the guarantee of security and progress.”

The attorney highlighted that the revenues reported to the Office of the Electoral Comptroller of Puerto Rico as collected for January add up to $1 million in addition to the $4.4 million in cash, reflecting total cash on hand of $5.3 million to date.

He insisted that González Colón has had problems not only raising funds for her campaign, but also managing them, since the report she submitted says she raised $148,881.86 in January, but spent $220,717.51.

“The people love [Pierluisi], see him and feel him as the sure winner,” Guillemard said. “Hence the financial debacle of others. Nobody bets on a lost cause where defeat is palpable and anticipated.”

Guillemard also noted that Pierluisi’s income and expense reports have been filed without any complications, in full compliance with the regulations and applicable laws.

“As I have always said, Pierluisi’s record and personality make fundraising easier, more agile, and generous,” he said. “Without a doubt, people believe in him, in his work style and in the respect and seriousness that he conveys. Public support is evident and the base of our party is committed to ensuring his victory.”

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Oscar Melendez
Oscar Melendez
Feb 16

He should use that money to help compensate the thousands of citizens in PR killed and injured by the covid injections. That won’t compensate 10 victims but it can help those sacrificed by the deadly injections

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