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Pierluisi: Replacing Dominion as electronic voting contractor now ‘does not make any sense’

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi

By The Star Staff

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia said Wednesday that it is not reasonable at this time to cancel the contract of the Dominion company for the November elections despite the failures that occurred during the primaries held June 2.

“As for the Dominion contract and whether you leave Dominion in or take Dominion out, we are months away from a general election and what the [State Elections] Commission must seek is that the process is not negatively affected,” the governor said in response to questions from the press. “In other words, you make a change now, acquire new machines at this given moment, based on my common sense and my judgment, it would be a rushed process, because you would have to … first make a competitive process to see what the machines would be. Second, you would also have to prove that they work and perform exercises. In other words, my common sense and my judgment tell me that at this given moment, several months before the general elections, it does not make any sense.”

Pierluisi said the State Elections Commission must take the necessary corrective measures to guarantee the results in the general elections in November “after what happened in the primary process.”

“For example, the situation in the programming of the machines has to be corrected,” he said. “If this has come to light, that there was a problem in the programming, then that must be corrected so as not to have this discrepancy that occurred between what was transmitted in the [final tally]. And [Dominion] also has to acquire more electronic machines for counting of the ballots that arrive at its facilities. Because those were the two, I think those were the two main situations, that the early vote, the counting of that vote took longer than necessary. And then there was this situation with the programming of the machines.”

The governor insisted that Dominion must be supervised and required to be in full compliance for the general elections in November.

“Credibility is addressed by taking the necessary corrective measures and communicating it to the people in general and to all political parties in Puerto Rico, the candidates,” the governor added. “So the credibility situation is addressed by being assertive.”

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