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Pierluisi tells NPP board he plans to run on his record

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi

By John McPhaul

New Progressive Party President Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia repeated on Sunday at the closing of the party’s State Board conference at a Río Grande hotel that his work will be his letter of presentation for re-election.

“With the favor of God, and of our people, I will be doing work and fighting for all our people, as their governor for six years, four months and 11 more days,” the governor said in his message.

Pierluisi also used the occasion to criticize the political opposition.

“Because what they do is threaten, instead of working and seeking the progress of our people,” he said. “Those who have deprived the people of trained secretaries, competent judges and good prosecutors through sheer politics. And those who seek to destabilize Puerto Rico, because they don’t get the favor of the people at the polls, which is where it counts. To all of those, I tell them that I am not intimidated, I am not distracted, I am focused on giving Puerto Rico a good government.”

As part of its work, the State Board unanimously endorsed the governor’s public policy of implementing necessary measures to protect patients and health professionals from the problems they face with paying for and being paid for services.

The members of the board also approved a resolution to create the Juan R. Melecio Machuca Institute of Electoral Statistics, which would be attached to the Office of the Electoral Commissioner.

Pierluisi said the designation of the institute bearing the name of Judge Melecio Machuca “is a tribute to the professional career of this excellent public servant whose vision, dynamism and transparency transformed the State Elections Commission.”

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