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Pierluisi withdraws appointment of Rodríguez Casillas to top court

Enrique Völkers Nin, the designated executive director of the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service

By John McPhaul

Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia on Tuesday withdrew the appointment of Judge Roberto Rodríguez Casillas as associate justice of the Puerto Rico Supreme Court.

“Given the extreme lack of respect and consideration on the part of the Puerto Rico Senate toward Judge Rodríguez Casillas, I have made the decision to withdraw his appointment,” the governor said on his social networks. “The least that the leadership of the Senate had to do was grant a public hearing in which his appointment would be elucidated on its merits and he would have the opportunity to answer the questions of the members of the Senate about his professional and personal background.”The appointment of Rodríguez Casillas was announced on Jan. 9 at La Fortaleza.

Senate ‘hangs’ appointment of Völkers Nin as PRITS chief

The Senate also failed to approve on Tuesday the appointment of Enrique Völkers Nin as executive director of the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS).

The Senate did not debate the appointment.

Völkers Nin was responsible for the creation of the Vacu ID and was preparing to create the electronic tag.

Völkers Nin’s appointment has been submitted three times by Pierluisi, who called the Senate’s action “incomprehensible.”

“His work at the helm of the Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service during the past 14 months has been excellent, with achievements recognized by all our people,” the governor said on his social media. “The action done in the dark, without announcing it, shows that this is obviously malicious. Mr. Volckers will continue to serve PR and my administration will continue to work for our people despite this new attempt to hinder the government’s work.”

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