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PIP calls for demonstration Nov. 8 against DAP’s approval

By John McPhaul

Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) Secretary General Juan Dalmau Ramírez, along with Party Organization Secretary Adrián González Costa, called on PIP members and the public at large to demonstrate on Monday, Nov. 8 at 8 a.m. in front of the Federal Court in Hato Rey where a hearing is scheduled for that day in which it is anticipated that Judge Laura Taylor Swain will certify the debt adjustment plan (DAP) contained in the recently approved Law 53.

“Here nobody takes time off, nobody gives up. You can still insist on an agreement that responds to the interests of the country, not the vultures,” Dalmau Ramírez said in a written statement. “The approval of the [Financial Oversight and Management] Board’s Fiscal Plan and consequently Law 53, is the basis for the country to become even poorer. The Fiscal Plan and the Debt Adjustment Plan approved by the Popular [Democratic Party, or PDP] and NPP [New Progressive Party] leadership is what Judge Swain could certify at the Nov. 8 hearing. It is imperative that those of us who condemn the approval of this law come out to repudiate it.”

“The country has hit rock bottom,” González Costa added. “From the PIP we have insisted that as long as we continue under a colonial system, we will continue to be victims of the United States government and its accomplices in Puerto Rico. The issue of bankruptcy, we have to solve it in Puerto Rico with Puerto Ricans. It is urgent to raise this discussion with the Congress of the United States, so that a process of decolonization is directed accompanied by a true restructuring of the debt in the terms that are convenient for us as a country. As long as PROMESA [the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act], the Board and the colony that allow it exist, we will continue to be subject to the interests of the bondholders, applauded and endorsed by the most recalcitrant sectors of the PDP and the NPP.”

“The colonial forces insist on continuing to impoverish the country. It was already said by a celebrity in a chat, they aspire to a Puerto Rico without Puerto Ricans. This conspiracy between the Reds, the Blues and the United States government must be repudiated and denounced,” Dalmau Ramírez said. “They have already mortgaged the [sales and use tax] for 40 years and with the approval of the last Adjustment Plan, now they intend that the next generations face another unpayable debt and without having anywhere to cut it, there the aspiration that Puerto Rico will be left without Puerto Ricans will be consummated. Both the Board and the Fiscal Plan are a consequence of our colonial condition and the popular leadership and I reject them. We must express that there are more of us who want a better country.”

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