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PIP candidate for mayor of San Juan calls for public policy commitment to gender perspective

By John McPhaul


Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) candidate for mayor of San Juan Adrián González Costa said Monday that given the national emergency due to the wave of gender violence cases, it is absolutely unacceptable that people who aspire to lead the government reject the proposal to include the gender perspective and show ignorance about such an important issue.

“Such was the case in the debate between the candidates for governor, in which misconceptions reigned [on matters] such as sexual preference, tolerance, and even the PDP [Popular Democratic Party] candidate’s refusal to believe in the inclusion of education with a gender perspective,” González Costa said. “That is why I call on those who aspire to lead San Juan to express themselves on this important issue, San Juan being the city with the highest incidence of cases of gender violence and sexual assaults.”

The PIP mayoral candidate added in a written statement that there must be “a commitment in a clear, transparent and frank way to include education with a gender perspective in the proposals of those who aspire to govern the city.”

In this regard, he noted that his government program for San Juan contains specific proposals for including education with a gender perspective -- both in government work and in the capital’s educational system -- as well as the PIP #PatriaNueva government program of Juan Dalmau’s campaign for the governorship. At the same time, González Costa detailed two of the most outstanding aspects of those proposals:

1. Government management of the municipality and gender issues to ensure that all formulation of public policy, legislation, executive orders or decisions of the executive branch of the municipality include a gender perspective based on equity.

2. Inclusion of the gender perspective and courses on sexuality in the curriculum of schools in the municipal education system.

“The absence of an education with a gender perspective is the reason why, even in a discussion between people who aspire to lead the country, terms are still used and positions are assumed that perpetuate discrimination and that in the most drastic cases promote violence against women, [violence based on] gender,” González Costa said. “In the middle of the 21st century, opposing the inclusion of an instrument as important as this to promote equality or simply keeping silent, as has been the case with the PDP candidate [for mayor of San Juan] in the face of the refusal of her [party’s] candidate for governor to support these initiatives, is to live in disconnection with reality and in contempt of the life and rights of other people.”

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