PIP mayoral candidate criticizes opponent Romero’s meeting with Santini

By The Star Staff

Adrián González Costa, the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP) candidate for mayor of San Juan, questioned New Progressive Party (NPP) mayoral candidate Miguel Romero’s meeting with former San Juan mayor Jorge Santini to supposedly seek solutions to the capital city’s problems, saying the pair is responsible for the problems.

González Costa was responding to the publication on social networks of a photo of Romero with Santini that reads “Looking for Solutions for San Juan.”

“Is this the new thing that Miguel Romero brings to San Juan? Looking for solutions along with one of the co-authors of the problems that the capital city faces today, such as the giant debt that it drags?” the PIP candidate said. “It seems to me a lack of respect for the electorate of San Juan to try to offer themselves as an alternative to lead from the mayor’s office along with a person who has already been rejected by San Juan, precisely because of his performance, and to that we must add the multiple accusations that exist against the former mayor, for example, the investigation still underway on billing the National Guard and the Senate of Puerto Rico at the same time, which caused that legislative body to cancel his contract. They do not respect the people, neither of them.”

González Costa added that he has already presented several of the proposals in his government program for San Juan, such as the creation of a municipal development bank, measures to manage the COVID-19 situation and an emergency management and disaster prevention plan.

“I urge the other candidates to present proposals and debate them and the electorate of San Juan, those generations that have trusted these people for decades and are already tired of these behaviors and of the NPP and PDP [Popular Democratic Party] politicians trying to deceive them, I invite you not to run away,” said González Costa, a pro-independence attorney. “I also invite the new generation, who want to build a new country, not to be left behind. All votes count. And those votes must be in favor of a different and trustworthy option, like the PIP. To those who did it wrong, with votes they got in and with votes we can remove them. To those who have not [held office], do not give them your vote, so that they do not come to power to continue damaging San Juan and the country.”

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