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Police arrest members of ‘Los Viraos’ gang linked to murders in and around Cayey

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Police on Tuesday morning arrested five members of a criminal organization called “Los Viraos” that is linked to multiple murders in the areas of Cayey, Caguas, Cidra and Aibonito.

The arrests were made as part of a series of search warrants under the 100 x 35 Plan. Among those detained is an urban performer known for glorifying violence in his lyrics.

Arrested were Jorge Luis Colón Rodríguez, 25 years old; Kevin Xavier Rivera Santos, 19; José Alexis Ferrán Torres, 34; Elmer David Osorio Vázquez, 32; and Kris Yandell Vega González, 24. The latter is an urban performer whose lyrics advocate violence. All of the arrestees appear as gunmen dedicated to killing their adversaries in the organization charts of the relevant police investigations.

During the operation, illegal substances were seized, including marijuana and cocaine, as well as over $70,000 in cash and firearms. An illegal weapon was seized from Colón Rodríguez, while an altered pistol was confiscated from Vega González. Both Vega González and Ferrán Torres had previously been arrested for violation of the Weapons Law.

“This operation is part of the strategies established in the Comprehensive Security Plan to address the continuous incidents that have occurred in Cayey, Caguas and other towns in the area, as a result of the wars between the arrested subjects and the organization led by Nelson Torres Delgado, alias ‘El Burro,’” Puerto Rico Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa said.

He added that Tuesday’s raid was the product of confidential investigations carried out by agents of the Drug Division assigned to the Caguas police area, with the objective of removing gunmen from the streets whose function is to assassinate members of opposing organizations.

Col. Carlos Cruz Burgos, director of the Police Bureau’s Special Operations Superintendency, noted that according to a series of investigations by the Caguas Drug Division, the Los Viraos organization is responsible for around a dozen murders in the island’s central region in recent months.

The current members of Los Viraos previously belonged to the group led by the self-proclaimed “El Burro.” After internal conflicts, they left the organization and created their own rival gang.

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