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Police ask for public’s help in finding suspect in Cataño murders

Edwin Rivera Pérez, alias Bubu

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Police Bureau on Wednesday requested help from the public to find the whereabouts of Edwin Rivera Pérez, alias Bubu, who according to an investigation by the bureau’s Major Crimes Division is one of the participants in the shooting that claimed the lives of three people, including a 4-year-old boy, in Jardines de Cataño Feb. 20.

Police Commissioner Antonio Lopez Figueroa called on citizens to provide information, confidentially, that can locate the whereabouts of Rivera Pérez, 25, who resided in the housing project where the events occurred, after failing to appear in the Bayamón Prosecutor’s office as promised by his attorney.

The police chief said the investigation locates Rivera Pérez in the place and time of the events and links him as a participant in the exchange of bullets, in which three minors were injured and Jesús Carrasquillo Alicea, 23, Johnny Jay Osorio García, 24, and four-year-old Ian Ordóñez Correa died.

“We are committed to solving [the crime] and prosecuting those responsible for Ian’s death,” López Figueroa said in a written statement. “We have already begun to do so. Now, we need the help of citizens to find this subject linked to these events and who, according to our investigation, incited the tragedy that night.

The police commissioner added that as part of the process, Sgt. Karina Ojeda and prosecutor Mónica Pérez Díaz agreed with Rivera Pérez’s attorneys that their client would appear on Wednesday so that the public prosecutor could present the charges against him.

Justice Secretary Domingo Emanuelli Hernández announced that, given Rivera Pérez’s non-appearance, the Bayamón Prosecutor’s Office, represented by Pérez Díaz, determined to file three charges in absentia, all associated with the Feb. 20 event at the Jardines de Cataño residential complex.

Emanuelli Hernández said the charges filed Bayamón Superior Court were Article 249C of the Criminal Code, for shooting in the air, Article 6.14 of the Weapons Law for firing a firearm, Article 6.05 also of the Weapons Law for carrying and transporting a firearm without having a license to do so.

Judge Aida Meléndez Juarbe found cause on all three counts and imposed $300,000 bail.

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