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Police ask public for cooperation to find femicide suspect

By The Star Staff

Police on Sunday asked for the public’s cooperation in efforts to find the suspect in the murder of a woman last Thursday at El Prado residential complex in Río Piedras.

According to the police report, Nyckole David Rosario Jaime, 28, of Río Piedras, entered the apartment of Jaimy Ramos Osorio, 38, and fired several shots that killed her instantly.

Rosario Jaime faces charges in absentia for murder in the form of femicide, destruction of evidence and violations of the Weapons Law.

Judge Brenda Salas, of San Juan Superior Court determined cause and issued an arrest warrant with a bail set of $3 million.

Anyone with information that could help in locating the whereabouts of Rosario Jaime is urged to contact the Puerto Rico Police Bureau at 787-793-1234 exts 2200 or 240201, or at the confidential line (787) 343-2020. All calls are confidential.

On Saturday, meanwhile, a 40-year-old man was arrested for allegedly assaulting a 19-year-old woman with a machete at a McDonalds restaurant on highway PR-111 in Utuado.

According to the police report, the subject caused several injuries with the machete. The woman was transported to Utuado Hospital in stable condition.

The case was referred to the Assault Division of the Utuado Criminal Investigations Corps, which will consult the case with the prosecutor on duty for the filing of charges.

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