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Police blame video games for driving criminals’ more violent conduct

Puerto Rico Police Bureau Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico Police Bureau Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa on Tuesday attributed the more violent conduct of criminals to video games.

“These people in their childhood perhaps did not have the necessary values instilled and now, with the issue of social networks, the pressure of games, video games apparently, because they shoot more without any scruples, that is what we are facing,” the commissioner said in a radio interview.

“They live the movie,” he added. “They don’t think it’s a human being, which is something that fills them with pride, but for us it’s not like that. We have been working with this type of situation since 2021.”

Regarding the massacre on Saturday night on the premises of the Piel Kanela bar-restaurant in Río Piedras, López Figueroa said the police have knowledge of the people involved.

“We continue to do the work, identifying these individuals to follow up so we can arrest them, right,” he said. “It’s a complex crime problem; we have to come together as a society … the media, all communities, non-profit groups, faith communities and we’re doing it. What happens is that it is not reported.”

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