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Police investigate telephone fraud in San Juan


The Puerto Rico Police Bureau said Wednesday that it is investigating a case of telephone fraud reported Tuesday afternoon in the Borinquen Gardens urbanization of San Juan.

According to the complaint, the injured party received a call from the number 925-718-9038, where a man who identified himself as Jonathan García, pretending to be an attorney, offered services to help the party in an alleged lawsuit.

The police said the alleged lawyer asked the “plaintiff” for the amount of $10,405.55 for his services. Falling for the scam, the injured party transferred the money.

The case was preliminarily investigated by agent Juan González, of the Caimito precinct, and was later referred to the San Juan Criminal Investigations Corps.

Anyone with information that can help lead to the resolution of the case is urged to call 787-343-2020, or contact the police through Twitter at @PRPDNoticias and on Facebook www.facebook/prpdgov.

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