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Police request public’s help to collar Ponce region’s most wanted

Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa

By John McPhaul

The Puerto Rico Police Bureau’s special operations chief, Lt. Col. Carlos Cruz Burgos, requested the cooperation of the public on Wednesday to determine the whereabouts of 10 individuals who are on the list of the most wanted in the Ponce region.

Those listed have arrest warrants for the crimes of murder, attempted murder, Weapons Law violations, domestic violence, assault and/or sexual assault, in addition to fraud and illegal appropriation.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of the individuals can confidentially contact the general headquarters at (787) 343-2020 and the Ponce Arrests and Searches Division at (787) 284-7043.

The 10 are Rubén Rivera Velázquez, Ángel Pacheco Gutiérrez, Michael Estrada Guilbe, Jay Pages Pacheco, José Betancourt Santos, Elvis Aponte Santini, Dayan Caraballo Ortiz, Luis Ortiz Rodríguez, Domitilo Delgado Ruiz and Darwin Adorno Maysonet.

The request by the police came the day after Police Bureau Commissioner Col. Antonio López Figueroa, thanked citizens for cooperation that helped authorities arrest three members of the Yabucoa-based criminal organization led by Delwin Berríos Navarro, alias “Tun Tún.”

“When the press conference [Wednesday morning] was given, extremely valuable information for the Puerto Rico Police began to be received, the work team moved to the location [Naguabo] and we set up surveillance to then intervene,” López Figueroa said at a press conference. “We are grateful to the citizenry. If we work as a team between the citizens and the police, believe me, we are going to find these individuals, not only in this case, but in all cases.”

The island’s top cop added that thanks to citizen cooperation, Elizaul Lazu Abreu, Julio Gómez Umpierre and José Antonio Lozada Ramos were arrested in the Daguao neighborhood of Naguabo.

López Figueroa noted that Berríos Navarro (Tun Tún) and his brother Edwin Yamil Berríos Navarro remained at large.

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