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Police: Senate candidate not cooperating in shooting investigation at his residence

Eliezer Molina Pérez

By The Star Staff

The Puerto Rico Police Bureau (PRPB) said Monday that Eliezer Molina Pérez, an influencer and independent candidate for the island Senate, was not cooperating with an investigation of a shooting incident at his residence.

“The investigation into the incident at the residence of the political candidate, Eliezer Molina, is very well underway. The agents have been working non-stop since day one,” the PRPB said in a statement. “To protect it, we cannot provide details. The more data that is made public about an investigation, the greater the risk that its outcome will be affected.”

“Given Mr. Molina’s refusal to cooperate with the agents of the CIC [Criminal Investigation Corps] of Mayagüez and Aguadilla, who in accordance with their ministerial duty professionally initiated the investigation, [Police] Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa reassigned the investigation to the Major Crimes Division,” the agency added.

“This case is being worked on with the same diligence that is followed in all processes of this nature,” the PRPB statement said. “We emphasize that, as required by the rules of criminal procedure in Puerto Rico, it is mandatory to collect admissible evidence that is sustained beyond a reasonable doubt before the Court. In our rule of law, to file a charge against someone, conjectures or suspicions are not enough.”

The events occurred last Thursday at around 11:27 p.m. in the Guatemala neighborhood of San Sebastián.

Molina Pérez was with his wife and two children inside the aforementioned house when the incident occurred.

At the scene, the authorities identified six bullet holes in a metal fence and two in the gray Toyota Highlander SUV owned by the couple.

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