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Ponce, Caguas rank 4th & 5th, respectively, among small cities in US where women out-earn men

The nine small cities listed in the report, including Caguas and Ponce, are the only ones in the nation where women out-earn men.

By The Star Staff

Ponce and Caguas have been named as two of only nine small cities in the United States and its possessions where women earn more than men, according to a new data study documented by consumer finance startup

The gender wage gap has been a major topic of conversation in the U.S. over the past few years, with statistics showing that women in the United States are paid 83 cents for every dollar paid to men.

However, according to government statistics, there are nine small cities in America pioneering the way in women’s pay. Ponce ranked fourth with a wage gap of $1,082 in favor of female earners and Caguas ranked fifth with a wage gap of $405.

The nine small cities are the only ones in the nation where women out-earn men.

The report analyzed federal data to calculate the wage gap between the median earnings for males who are working full time, year round, and their female counterparts. The numbers were subtracted from one another to calculate a wage gap.

The data was compiled and analyzed by Pheabs, an independent consumer finance intermediary, which uses more than 8,000 data points in a single loan application to connect borrowers with the best loan or source of finance for them.

The remaining cities in the ranking were: Jacksonville, North Carolina (first); Inglewood, California (second), Miami Gardens, Florida (third); Lake Havasu City, Arizona (sixth); Lauderhill, Fla. (seventh); Cathedral City, Calif. (eighth); and Compon, Calif. (ninth).

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