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Ponce Health Sciences University graduates 408

Some 408 students at Ponce Health Sciences University completed their studies and earned their degrees in a variety of academic programs.

By The Star Staff

Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU) held its 44th graduation ceremony recently with 408 students completing their studies in a variety of academic programs.

The ceremony, held at the Ponce Fair Complex, featured journalist Jorge Rivera Nieves as the keynote speaker, who offered an inspiring message to the new generation of health professionals.

“In this ceremony, we not only celebrate the graduation of 408 new health professionals, but also the value that each of you represents to continue improving the health of each life you impact and to continue developing the sciences that bring us closer to curing diseases and understanding their causes,” PHSU President Dr. Gino Natalicchio said in a written statement. “I am confident that, with the training and support they have received, they are prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow and contribute significantly to the well-being of the communities they will serve.”

Natalicchio added that “We are proud to highlight that the Medicine class achieved the highest match rate in PHSU’s history, despite having begun their studies in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“This feat is a testament to the effort and resilience of our students and the quality of our education,” he said.

During the event, it was emphasized that PHSU’s Public Health Program, in addition to maintaining the maximum accreditation for seven years, saw 100% graduation rates in the master’s and doctoral degrees in public health, and the post-graduation results remained at 97% of master’s graduates and 100% of doctoral graduates currently working or continuing further studies.

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