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Port Authority receives three port modernization proposals

By John McPhaul

The executive director of the Port Authority, Joel A. Pizá Batiz, announced Tuesday that his public corporation received three proposals in the competitive process to modernize piers 9 and 10 of Puerto Nuevo.

This as part of the Request for Proposals (RFP) process for the leasing, development, financing, construction and operation of a mega yacht marina in that Port.

“The objective of this RFP is to obtain proposals for a marina project that provides services, facilities and amenities for the nautical community, through highly qualified marina developers and operators, who have the capacity to carry out the leasing, design , construction, financing and development of the project in the Port of San Juan,” said Pizá Batiz.

The executive director recalled that in June 2022 the Authority began the RFP procedure to search for developers and operators, as well as to promote the growth of the service and tourism industries on the Island and generate a substantial impact on the local economy.

He reported that the scope of the project involves initial renovations and improvements to the existing berth at Pier 9, including basic facilities considered critical for a mega yacht and commercial vessel port, such as shore power and water connections, sanitary pumping, telecommunications internet and fast wi-fi.

This will allow mega yachts to dock along the 1,500 linear feet of dock space. Proposals will also include building services deemed necessary to attract mega yachts, including a business center, recreational facilities and retail outlets and a boat supply store and crew entertainment, among other things.

Finally, Pizá said that he is satisfied with the scope of the goals established in the Authority’s work plan, which follows the Gov. Pedro Pierluisi’s public policy of promoting economic growth, generating jobs and maximizing profits.”

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