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Power outages expected after boiler damage at Aguirre plant

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority Executive Director Josué Colón Ortiz announced Wednesday that a damaged boiler at Unit 2 of the Aguirre Power Plant is limiting energy production and the unit will have to be removed from service for repairs, which will lead to outages.

“The aforementioned scenario and given the energy demand projected for today of 2,845 megawatts, indicates that, if Unit 2 of the Aguirre Power Plant leaves at any time from today until Unit 6 of the Costa Sur Power Plant comes into service, it will be highly likely that we will not have enough generation to meet demand,” Colón Ortiz said in a written statement. “This will cause interruptions in service during the periods that we do not have enough generation to meet the demand.”

The following base or main units have been out of order and unavailable for several years: Unit 10 of Central San Juan (March 2016), Unit 8 of Central San Juan (June 2021), Steam 1 of the Aguirre Combined Cycle (October 2021) and Cycle CT 2-1.

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