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PR artists show works at Latin American exhibition in Brazil

“Sentimiento Caribeño” by Mildred Trujillo Ortega / “Basta ya” by Clara Alonso / “Abstracción de una América Invertida- homenaje a Joaquin Torres Garcias” by Abdías Méndez Robles / “Mofongo” by Celestino Ortiz - Nieves

By The Star Staff

Eight Puerto Rican visual artists will be representing the island in an annual international exhibition in Brazil that starts this week titled “Current Latin American Look.”

Representing Puerto Rico are Clara Alonzo, Mildred Trujillo Ortega, Abdías Méndez Robles, Celestino Ortíz, Estevan Valentín, Norberto Morales NOMO, Orlando Castro Ortíz and Romaguera, all artists affiliated with the Puerto Rican Association of Plastic Artists.

The Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean (RELAC by its Spanish acronym) of the International Association of Plastic Arts (AIAP/IAA), which is affiliated with UNESCO, called on artists from the region to submit their proposals for the annual RELAC-ARTE 2021 exhibition under the theme “Current Latin American Look.” Artists from eight countries (Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru and Brazil) are participating in the art exhibit that opens to the public on Saturday.

The curator of the exhibition in Brazil is Oscar D’Ambrosio. The sample of more than one 100 was selected and curated by the RELAC curatorial committee and invited curators in each participating country.

RELAC President Abdías Méndez Robles, a Puerto Rican visual artist, noted that Latin American artists enjoy being able to present their works internationally, maintain dialogues with their colleagues in Latin America and open borders.

“The art of Puerto Rico has a presence, and its Puerto Rican essence is recognized, occupying its Latin American space in projects like this one,” he said.

Méndez Robles said it was fundamental that the Latin American artistic integration advances toward a timely presence with the rest of the world through the visual arts. “We work to lay solid foundations that allow the visual arts to develop and expand, in order to interact with the population, not only in the national environment but also in the region,” he said.

“We are the product of a mestizo culture that contributes its production and aesthetic creation, consolidating its historical memory, sensitivity and questions to the transition processes, in a globalized, accelerated, cybernetic and information-filled present, immersed in a multicultural, multilingual society and by both diverse,” Méndez Robles added.

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