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PR, DR to share tech innovations for gov’t administration

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS) Office Director Enrique Völckers Nin and Opinio Díaz, consul general of the Dominican Republic in Puerto Rico, have announced a collaborative work plan to share successful technological initiatives.

The agreement will allow the Dominican Republic to implement technological initiatives such as CESCO Digital, the VACU ID and the IDEAL system.

Völckers Nin, who is also the Puerto Rico government’s chief executive of innovation and information, stressed the importance of the alliance, since it positions Puerto Rico as a benchmark for digital transformation in effective services to citizens and accessible government operation.

“It fills us with great satisfaction that through projects such as CESCO Digital, the VACU ID and the IDEAL system, which have been developed from PRITS, the government of Puerto Rico becomes a benchmark of innovation and entrepreneurship for states of the American nation, the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe,” he said. “With this work plan that we have initiated, we are betting on an export of technology services in the government, which is a historical fact and, later, will generate announcements of benefits for Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.”

The consul general of the Dominican Republic in Puerto Rico noted that with the work plan he seeks to implement proven technology in his country, which benefits citizens without having to reinvent the wheel from scratch.

“They decided to explore collaboration between both governments because the challenges of these times require promoting technological solutions in record time,” Völckers Nin said. “Projects such as CESCO Digital, VACU ID and IDEAL are excellent examples of how public administration can be effective and efficient through digitization and resource planning.”

Currently, he added, PRITS leads the digital transformation of the Puerto Rico government with the goal of tempering and improving the services offered by agencies to citizens, achieving savings in time and money for all sectors.

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